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This really hits home! Thanks for a new way to look at what sometimes feels like juggling. Stacking is so much more productive and less taxing than trying to keep all those balls in the air. Working on multiple projects at different stages is a great strategy.

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Thank you for this podcast. As I read it I felt like you were living inside my head and knew all the kind of time management problems that demand a stacking process. I first met you in Juneau Alaska a few years ago at a writing workshop you were leading. I learned a lot there. I have two fiction projects. I have a full length novel underway (about 10K words so far) and I am trying to set up some marketing for the collection of short stories I have self-published on Amazon. My title, "Cassiopeia's Quest - Revelation," may ring a bell with you since Cassiopeia is the mother of the mythical (or maybe not) source of your first name. My biggest problem with stacking my two fiction projects is that they need stacking together themselves because life - big extended families scattered around North America, a major housing problem needing an urgent resolution and a variety of leftover pandemic problems - all need their own stacks as well as a place in my grand high mucky muck stack. I am going to check into a couple of your book references (necessary reading time goes into the stack with various priorities). Anyway. I take note of the fact that you do something I think you call book coaching. My new novel demands that I engage somebody with your record of published works, writing skills, experience and interests so I will contact you through the email address you list to see if we can do something. I'll talk to you soon. Jerry Smetzer, Juneau, Alaska

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Near to hear from you Jerry, congrats on your writing projects, and you are right to point out that we have to stack LOTS of things in addition to our creative projects! Life is its own gigantic,

complicated stack!

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